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About Our Puppies
Our pups come with innoculations, wormings and a health gurantee. Temperament and health are the main focus in breeding--and I'm confident that these dogs will become pets with wonderful dispositions.

Whippets in General

If you are not familiar with whippets you will be amazed at their intelligence, playfulness and devotion. Whippets are a very athletic breed of dog and yet quite content to lay around the house and be couch potatoes! Contrary to what many people expect, they are generally not hyperactive and only need a little outdoor exercise each day. Many of them make excellent frisbee dogs and they love children.
Devo played with squirrels until the age of 15!
Frequent Questions About Whippets
One of the most common questions I am asked about the breed is how easy to house train are they? They are smart and clean and catch on as quickly as any other intelligent breed. I consider them an easy breed to house train. Another question I hear frequently is whether they are prone to genetic health problems. The answer is they are relatively free of hereditary problems compared to many other breeds.

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